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Online Meeting Management Course

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With the ever-increasing demand for Online Meeting in personal & professional settings, this online training aims at educating, nurturing, and upskilling individuals to stay ahead of the curve — whatever their level of expertise in Online Meeting may be.


Learning about Online Meeting or keeping up to date on it can be confusing at times, and maybe even daunting! But that’s not the case with this course from Compete High. We understand the different requirements coming with a wide variety of demographics looking to get skilled in Online Meeting. That’s why we’ve developed this online training in a way that caters to learners with different goals in mind. The course materials are prepared with consultation from the experts of this field and all the information on Online Meeting is kept up to date on a regular basis so that learners don’t get left behind on the current trends/updates.


The self-paced online learning methodology by Compete High in this Online Meeting Management course helps you learn whenever or however you wish, keeping in mind the busy schedule or possible inconveniences that come with physical classes. The easy-to-grasp, bite-sized lessons are proven to be most effective in memorising and learning the lessons by heart. On top of that, you have the opportunity to receive a certificate after successfully completing the course!


Instead of searching for hours, enrol right away on this Online Meeting Management course from Compete High and accelerate your career in the right path with expert-outlined lessons and a guarantee of success in the long run.


Who is this course for?


While we refrain from discouraging anyone wanting to do this Online Meeting Management course or impose any sort of restrictions on doing this online training, people meeting any of the following criteria will benefit the most from it:

  1. Anyone looking for the basics of Online Meeting,
  2. Jobseekers in the relevant domains,
  3. Anyone with a ground knowledge/intermediate expertise in Online Meeting,
  4. Anyone looking for a certificate of completion on doing an online training on this topic,
  5. Students of Online Meeting, or anyone with an academic knowledge gap to bridge,
  6. Anyone with a general interest/curiosity


Career Path


This Online Meeting Management course smoothens the way up your career ladder with all the relevant information, skills, and online certificate of achievements. After successfully completing the course, you can expect to move one significant step closer to achieving your professional goals — whether it’s securing that job you desire, getting the promotion you deserve, or setting up that business of your dreams.

Topics for this course

8 Lessons8h

Module 01 – Planning & Preparation

Planning & Preparation00:00:00

Module 02 – Online Meeting Platforms

Module 03 – Meeting Etiquette

Module 04 – Meeting Roles and Responsibilities

Module 05 – Selecting The Right Meeting Attendees

Module 06 – Preparation for a Business Meeting

Module 07 – How To Professionally Deal With Personality Conflicts

Module 08 – Powerful Tips for Highly Productive Online Meetings

Student Feedback


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Although all the modules are focusing on the online meeting protocols and matters, I find most of what is presented relevant to the face-to-face meetings. As such, the preparation to the meeting, keeping on time, body language, timed agenda items etc. My highlight of this course is the fact that assigning roles to members could contribute to more structured meeting and hence a more productive one. I will implement that, to an extent.

  • Lifetime Access
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 8h