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“A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder”. We often find people around us clueless about their life, career, future, and just about everything else. All they need is a little push in the direction — from someone expert enough who knows where and how much to push. That man with expertise is called a life coach. The demand for life coaches is soaring high day by day. And we aim to fill up this demand by building you into a skilled life coach so that you can start making an impact in people who direly need it.


The course materials of this online course on life coaching have been prepared with consultation from the relevant experts. The information available on Life Coaching is kept up to date regularly so that learners don’t get left behind on the current trends/updates. As a result, you will gain the following skills from the learning materials of this life coach training:


  • Coaching/Life Coaching
  • Self-management
  • Elevator Pitching
  • Business Development
  • Selling & Marketing
  • Programme Outlining
  • Relationship & Confidentiality Management
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Business Finance


The self-paced online learning methodology from Compete High helps you learn whenever or however you wish — keeping in mind the busy schedule of the learners or the possible inconveniences that come with physical classes. The bite-sized lessons are proven to be most effective in memorising and learning them by heart. On top of that, you have the option to receive a certificate of accomplishment after successfully completing the course!


So, instead of searching for hours, enrol right away on this Life Coaching course from Compete High and accelerate your career on the right path with expert-outlined lessons and a guarantee of success in the long run.


Who is this course for?

While we don’t discourage anyone or impose restrictions on enrolling and learning something new from this Life Coaching course, people falling under any of the following criteria will benefit the most:

  1. People aiming to start a life coaching business
  2. Anyone looking for the basics of Life Coaching,
  3. Anyone who wants to be an independent Life Coach,
  4. Anyone looking for a certificate of completion on doing an online training on Life Coaching,
  5. Anyone with a general interest/curiosity


Career Path

As mentioned above, this Life Coaching course is the perfect gateway for a rewarding career ahead as an independent life coach or by starting a life coaching business. Although the earning potential varies based on experience, branding, and other factors, the average annual income of a life coach can go from £35,000 to even £120,000.

Last audited and updated on:February 20, 2024

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Basics of Coaching

  • Basics of Coaching

Module 2: Life Coaching: An Overview

Module 3: Developing Your Coaching Skills

Module 4: Getting Yourself Right First

Module 5: Primary Steps to Starting a Career as a Life Coach

Module 6: Self-Management as a Life Coach

Module 7: Selling and Marketing Your Life Coaching Business

Module 8: Relationship with Clients, Confidentiality and Ethical Standards

Module 9: Professional Development and Relationships with other Competitors

Module 10: Financing Your Life Coaching Business

Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 Ratings
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Wendy Collier
3 weeks ago
Aynura Abbasova
3 months ago
After taking this course I have gained a lot to practice in my current professional career. It is definitely suggested to all who are interested in a life coaching business.
2 years ago
The course is very informative and interesting. I learned lots of necessary topics here. I highly recommend the course.
2 years ago
This course gives me a comprehensive idea which helps me in my professional career.
£25.00 £419.00

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