5 Transferable Skills You Can Learn Online

5 transferable skills

Transferable skill, if you don’t know already and as you can guess by its name, refers to the qualities or abilities that can be utilised in different professions and transferred to different job roles. Sometimes referred to as “portable skills”, transferable skills are vital for surviving as a professional in the 21st-century employment scenario. These skills will not only give you an edge in switching jobs/industries but also help you move forward in your professional life.

While there is a handful of these skills available, we picked five of those skills for you that are relevant for all sectors/industries, must-haves if you want to get ahead in your career, and last but not least, available for learning online — from scratch! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these in-demand skills you can develop sitting at your home, at your own pace.

1.   Leadership & Management

Aiming high in your career brings along the responsibilities of being accountable for a team. Leading a group of individuals, fusing them into a team with a common goal, and managing everything in between is what moves you up the career ladder. That’s why employers and recruiters alike look for leadership qualities and management skills in people they hire or choose to promote to a position of leadership. Although the focus is on managing/leading other people, leadership & management also encompass managing your own abilities and leading yourself to achieve greatness — including lessons on time management, meeting management, project management, effective communication, risk management and countless others. To learn more and get all these lessons in one place, check out this course from compete high:

2.   Learning to Learn

While the term may seem paradoxical, it’s actually rather simple. Learning to learn means learning something new quickly, effectively, and profoundly without breaking much sweat. It also refers to the idea of adapting to the updates and new aspects of a pre-existing/previously-acquired skill or knowledge. Learning how to learn relies heavily on systematic learning, memorizing when needed, and putting them into practice as well. But without the systematic approach mentioned above, it’d a challenging task to accomplish. Moreover, learning to learn properly also enables you to pick up any skill out there with ease.

Eager to learn more? Let’s have a look here:

3.   Self-Motivation

It’s said that you are the best motivator for you. And in order to make this happen, you’ll need self-motivation — the ability to push yourself to take matters into your own hands and make a move, so that you can achieve your goals. Self-motivation takes time to develop, and without proper guidance, one would find it hard to get motivated, let alone stay motivated for long, on one’s own.

Find out more about the laws of motivation, how self-motivation works, and how to reach your targets by motivating yourself:


4.   Salary Negotiation

Among all the factors/reasons behind working for someone/an organisation, salary is what motivates us the most (with an ignorable few exceptions). So, whether you are a fresher or a professional with multiple years of working experience, negotiating your salary is a core skill that you can’t afford to not develop. Otherwise, you’ll end up underpaid, unsatisfied, and demotivated at work. It’s necessary to know one’s self-worth, assess the job role, and ask for the salary that fits in between.

There are certain strategies to pull this off properly, and it’s evident that you’ll end up on the losing side if you’re not prepared enough.

5.   MS Excel/Spreadsheet Operations

Today’s offices depend largely on spreadsheets, and people who are reluctant to learn how to operate one smoothly fall behind. From junior level to managerial roles, spreadsheets should be your next best friend if you want to survive in this day & age. And when it comes to using spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel is the widely-used and most popular application worldwide.

Spreadsheet, MS Excel, functions, calculations, tables — all these may sound daunting to pick up. But with proper guidance and a well-designed learning plan, you’ll find how easy it is to learn Excel online on your own! Take, for example, this carefully-crafted course from Compete High:

That’s it! With these 5 trending transferable skills at your disposal, you’ll surely stand out among the crowd and make your mark in the jobseeker’s landscape anywhere in the world. If you have any queries about these skills or the courses linked in this article, feel free to leave a comment below.