5 Signs Your Interview Went Well

5 Signs Your Interview Went Well

Anyone who has ever sat for an interview knows the stress of wondering whether they’ll get the job or not. Now there’s no way to be sure whether you’ll get the job or not. However, there are some signs that can indicate that you have performed well in the interview. 

To help you understand how your last interview went, today we’ll talk about 5 signs your interview went well.

Let’s dive in…


1. The Interview Lasted Longer Than You Expected

Interviewers generally have a very busy schedule. They won’t spend too much of their time on a candidate they aren’t interested in. So if your interview goes past the allotted time, you have reasons to be very happy. Cause it means your interview went really well and the employer is considering you for the position.

2. The Interviewer Tried to Sell You on the Job

If the interviewer thinks you’re the right candidate they wouldn’t want to lose you to some other company. That’s why they’ll try to make the job seem attractive to you. So that when they offer you the job you’re excited to take it. 

During the interview, if you felt like the interviewer was trying to sell you on the job by telling you in detail about the perks of working for the company, talking about the company culture in a way that reflects you or highlighting the benefits package, then it means you’ve aced the interview. 

3. The Interview Was Conversational

If an interview feels like an interrogation it probably went poorly. On the contrary, if the interview flows well and it seems like a conversation it is very likely that it went great. 

Employers value communication skills in an employee no matter what the position is. So if you had a good discussion with the interviewer it is very likely that you made a good impression.

4. They Gave You a Tour of the Office and Introduced You to Different People

If the hiring manager gives you a tour of the office and introduces you to other people in the company it means you’re a strong contender for the position. Employers will never waste so much time on a candidate they’re not interested in. If they are showing you around and introducing you to different people it could mean two things.

They are either preparing you for the position or trying to get other people’s opinions on whether you’re the right candidate or not. In any case, it means they’re taking you very seriously. 

5. They Asked if You’re Looking Into Other Jobs

During your interview, the hiring manager may ask you whether you’re looking into any other jobs. If they want you in their company, they wouldn’t want someone else to hire you first. That’s why they ask this question to know if they have any competition in hiring you. 

So if they ask you whether you’re looking into any other jobs you’ve probably aced the interview.

None of the signs mentioned above guarantees that you’re gonna get the job. Because you cannot control how other candidates are performing. But if there were one or more of the above-mentioned signs in your interview, you can be assured that you did your part quite well.