5 Points Why Personal Hygiene is Important

5 Points Why Personal Hygiene is Important

You are thinking to skip washing your hands for once, It’s just one time, right? But do you know this one time can cause you a really big trouble? People are always busy with their daily life and getting more and more engaged with the modern life. We are too busy to maintain our daily personal Hygiene. We feel tired and find it difficult to maintain hygiene properly. Let me tell you one thing, maintaining personal hygiene is way easier than you think.

We wonder why personal hygiene is important. Or better … what personal hygiene is?

Personal hygiene is the simple behavior of cleaning. It requires simply keeping your teeth, hands, head, body, clothes, etc clean. All these practices are a must to follow in your daily life for your health.  Good personal hygiene is not just for your health It’s for society too. You can save yourself as well as the people around you with these simple habits.

Here are some points for you to realize why personal hygiene is important and how you should maintain your hygiene in some very simple ways.


Point 1: Simple habits of hygiene prevents unexpected death


Not taking proper measures when it comes to sanitation and hygiene can cause death. It actually is the reason number one for the huge amount of preventable death. In fact, taking adequate measures could save up to 8 million lives worldwide. Healthy hygiene practices can reduce the chances of various infections. Influenza, salmonella etc. could be prevented only by good hygiene practices. Finally, we could avoid the current spread of Covid-19 by maintaining personal hygiene. Now, let’s move to the 2nd point of why personal hygiene is important.

Point 2: Proper hand sanitation is very effective for more healthy and productive days

Good hand hygiene has some serious benefits when it comes to productivity. A German study has found that using a hand sanitizer can cut down a huge number of sick leave employees take. These reduced sick leaves come from colds, coughs, fevers or diarrhea. It means increased productivity. Thus, we can conclude by saying that having a hand sanitizer is a good idea. Providing a personal hygiene checklist in the workplace is an even better one.


Point 3: Hand hygiene is very effective for controlling antimicrobial resistance in hospitals


Management of antibiotic resistance and the development of superbugs is becoming very difficult. Antimicrobial-drug resistance in hospitals is for the failures of hospital hygiene.  The physicians considered poor handwashing practices is an important cause of antibiotic resistance. 45% of the physicians claimed the fact, found in a recent survey.

The World Health Organization has stressed on hand hygiene. WHO hopes for better results about antibiotic resistance through hand hygiene. It is also accused to have one infection from the health care center among 10  out of every 100 patients. It says the problem can be controlled by washing the hands well. If the medical and care staff maintain their best action of hygiene, in particular, hand hygiene it will be very easy to cut these infections. This will also result in cutting the dependence on antibiotics.


Point 4: Save the nation by being the perfect example of why personal hygiene is important

One can be a great role model for the next generation by demonstrating his own good habit of hygiene. So make it clear to the kids how important personal hygiene is. make sure to teach them the value of sanitizing their hands and keeping themselves clean. We all know the climate of the earth is changing so fast and it is being more and more polluted every second.

And for that reason, various kinds of diseases caused by lethal viruses are breaking out. All these dangerous viruses are taking thousands of valuable lives. Nowadays COVID-19 is such a deadly virus that has broken out and taken thousands of lives in a very short time. Healthcare and Medical scientists have given predictions about many dangerous viruses. These viruses may threaten human lives in the future.

All the scientists are stressing on hand hygiene. We can avoid all these by a simple habit of washing hands. Our children should be aware of the situations and their clear actions. Kids are assets of a nation and the future as well. So they should be well protected. That’s why you should train the next generation to clean their hands and maintain hygiene.


Point 5: Good hygiene makes persona blooming and attractive to others

We generally don’t want to be with a person who has messy clothes and dirty hands. We don’t want to stand with a person who stinks. So we can relate that personal hygiene is not only one’s personal matter, it is also a social fact. The habit of good hygiene will help your social standing. A person who maintains good hygiene is always appreciated more than others.

If someone uses a lot of deodorant and thinks of him as a very posh persona then he is wrong. Unfortunately, it is a very wrong perception. Unlike the deodorant, advertisers say, smelling fresh is way cooler than smelling artificial.

That somewhat wraps up our discussion over why personal hygiene is important. We hope we could shed some light on the subject.

So what posh is a person with clean hair, washed hands, fresh clothes, and fresh smell. Besides, A person with good hygiene is likely to be more confident and secure. A confident and secure personality is always attractive, these people gather social crowds very easily. So technically your personal hygiene makes you feel about yourself and makes you more attractive to others as well.

It takes a community to raise a child. The community starts with me, you and everyone that makes sure there is a smile in every child’s face. Let’s take pride in the environment we live in by continuing to teach, learn and instilling pride in people that make our community a better place.

Now we hope that it’s quite clear what is personal hygiene and why is it important? Do you want to take the next steps in learning about personal hygiene? Enrol in this CPD Accredited Personal Hygiene Online Training now and take your knowledge and skill to the next level.