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At Compete High, we’re searching for knowledgeable, enthusiastic online mentors
to team up with us and educate on a spectrum of subjects,
all from the comfort of your own teaching hub.

How the whole thing works

Deal Reached

You complete the sign up form and we come to an agreement. You send us the course materials and we take them to our students

Our Students Enrol

As we offer the courses to our audience as well as with our distribution partners, your courses get a wider audience while generating money

Everybody Wins

Our students become your students as they get your premium teachings on our platform. They benefit, you benefit and we benefit.

Meet our Distribution partners

Courses available in our platform also benefit from their exposure​

Reed Courses

Top instructors on Compete High


Andries Nienaber

Jonathan Lam

Jerry Banfield

Jerry Banfield

Dr. Krishna N. Sharma


Ken Burke

Paul Cline

why partner with Compete High

A Great Deal

Compete High will split all course profits with you fairly, 50/50. You’ll be able to start earning immediately.

Your Courses Get The Exposure They Deserve

We have an existing audience of 300,000 learners, and our vibrant sales & marketing team will handle all the promotion.

Everyone Gets to Do What They Do Best

As a top-level instructor, teaching comes to you first. When you partner with us, we will handle all the uploadings of course on the platform to its promotion, what we do best.

Trusted by Thousands Of Learners

From Organisations All Around The World

Reed in Partnership
Exeter College
Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Ministry of Justice
The Golden Thread Alliance
Maximus UK
West Lothian Council
You and Me Recruitment Ltd
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Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome knowledgeable and passionate instructors from various fields. If you have expertise in a subject and are enthusiastic about teaching, you are encouraged to apply.

Interested instructors need to fill out a sign-up form and reach an agreement with Compete High. After that, you’ll provide your course materials, which will be offered to our students.

Your courses will be offered to Compete High’s audience and through our distribution partners, ensuring a wide reach and increased enrollment potential.

Instructors benefit from a platform to share their knowledge, earn income, and gain exposure through our distribution network. Additionally, you’ll be part of a community that values education and skill development.

Yes of course. We’re specifically encouraging instructors to use their existing materials and teaching methods.

Not at all. You already have prepared courses. We will put them on our website and you can be as involved as we both will agree to only. No added requirement of time-commitment to teaching.

Compete High provides instructors with access to a dashboard where you can track course enrollment, student progress, and receive feedback.

Compete High offers a diverse selection of courses to meet the needs and interests of our learners. With 1000+ courses across 30+ niches already available to our audience, we’re looking into broadening our coverage of subject areas. Our aim is to provide unlimited skill development possibilities.

We provide technical support, marketing of your courses, and a platform for student-instructor interaction. Our team is always available to assist you with any queries or concerns.

Compete High is a course provider providing courses accredited by CPD International Quality.

We aim to provide additional value to your courses by accrediting them with CPD IQ. This process is undertaken at no cost to instructors, and we welcome any existing accreditations you may have for your course.

By integrating CPD accreditation, we strive to enhance the credibility and value of your courses for learners.

You have the flexibility to end your contract at any time. This will have a notice period but that won’t lock any party to anything permanently.

Upon termination, we will immediately stop advertising your courses on our platform and make them unavailable for future purchases.

However, learners who have already purchased your courses will be able to access to their learning materials as stated during their purchase.

You can take your payments via both paypal or direct bank transfer.

You will get your payment in the first week of every month.

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