Veterinary Assistant – Animal Care and Dog Basics Courses

Overview: Veterinary Assistant – Animal Care and Dog Basics Courses

Introducing our comprehensive bundle: “Veterinary Assistant – Animal Care and Dog Basics Courses.” This all-inclusive package comprises nine expertly crafted courses designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of animal care and assistance.

  1. Veterinary Assistant: Dive into the fundamentals of veterinary care, learning essential techniques and procedures from seasoned professionals.
  2. Animal Care: Explore the intricacies of animal welfare, behavior, and nutrition, ensuring you provide the best possible care for our furry friends.
  3. Dog Basics: Master the basics of canine behavior, training, and grooming, laying a solid foundation for a fulfilling career working with dogs.
  4. Dog First Aid: Gain the expertise to handle emergency situations and provide crucial first aid to dogs in need, potentially saving lives in critical moments.
  5. Health and Safety: Understand the importance of maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for both animals and humans in a veterinary setting.
  6. Puppy Training: Learn effective techniques for training and socializing puppies, fostering their development into well-behaved companions.
  7. Administrative Assistant: Acquire administrative skills tailored specifically to veterinary practices, ensuring smooth operations and efficient workflow.
  8. Documents Control: Master the organization and management of vital documents within a veterinary setting, ensuring compliance and accuracy at all times.
  9. Communication Skills: Hone your communication abilities to effectively interact with clients, colleagues, and pet owners, fostering strong relationships and trust.


With lifetime access to these courses, you can learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever suits you best. Our user-friendly platform makes accessing content a breeze, ensuring a seamless learning experience. Plus, with our fast certificate delivery, you can showcase your newfound expertise in no time.


Embark on your journey towards a rewarding career in animal care and assistance with our “Veterinary Assistant – Animal Care and Dog Basics Courses” bundle. Unlock a world of opportunities and make a difference in the lives of animals and their owners today.

Price: £23

  • Lifetime Access
  • Last Update: March 1, 2024

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