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High-income Skill Training including Sales, Digital Marketing, Project Management & IT


Are you looking to turn the tides of your career with multiple high-income skills? This updated bundle of premium courses is exactly what you need. Some of the most in-demand skills are offered in this specialisation and if you are one to try multiple income streams including passive income generating businesses, you have come to the right place.

You must be wondering what are high-income skills? High income skills are skill sets that will earn you an income of £10,000 or more each month, or £120,000 or more a year.

Now, you must be wondering, what if you don’t have a high-income skill right now? How can you get one? Or, if you don’t want to go back to school to retrain, can you still acquire high income skills? The answer is, you can. You can upgrade to a high-income skill while on the job or in a self-paced manner.

Before we give examples of such skills, we’re going to look at what kind of skills you should learn. What are the criteria when it comes to learning high-income skills? Well, some of the most valuable skills that you could develop should meet these criteria:

  1. The skill-set should have an immediate impact on your life, career or business.
  2. It shouldn’t take years to learn.
  3. It should be something you could learn from home.
  4. You could learn at your own pace.

So, if a skill-set meets these criteria, these are the skills you want to be learning.

The High-income Skills Mega Bundle including Sales, Digital Marketing, Project Management & IT – is an assembled offer of such high-income skills. This 22 courses in 1 bundle comes with 22 FREE PDF Certificates. This High-Income Skills Bundle provides you with the perfect opportunity to transform your career to the next level.

Now, let’s dive into the high-income skills bundle. The course brings you 22 premium courses. It consists of 5 high-income skills courses that you can learn to start generating high-income. Then there are 7 courses comprehensively covering entrepreneurship & business, that contains everything you will need to set up your own business or to scale your employer’s business. Finally we have 9 courses that will help you excel in workplaces and beyond. These skills come in handy when you are working in an office or your own business or even when freelancing. The courses are given in the following:

5 High-income Skills Courses:

  • Course 1: Sales Systems and Management
  • Course 2: Project Management
  • Course 3: Advanced Digital Marketing & Data
  • Course 4: Search Engine Advertising
  • Course 5: Data Analysis Basics

7 Courses on Entrepreneurship & Business for Growing Businesses whether it’s your own or your employer’s:

  • Course 6: Entrepreneurship Masterclass
  • Course 7: Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Course 8: Business Planning Complete Training
  • Course 9: Business Credit
  • Course 10: Business Management
  • Course 11: Operations Management
  • Course 12: Accounting Masterclass

10 Courses to help you excel in the workplace and beyond:

  • Course 13: Leadership & Management
  • Course 14: Life Coaching
  • Course 15: Employability : Soft Skills
  • Course 16: Basic IT Skills Training
  • Course 17: Microsoft Excel Beginner to Intermediate
  • Course 18: Learning How to Learn
  • Course 19: Innovation Masterclass
  • Course 20: Self Confidence Training Course
  • Course 21: Self Motivation Masterclass
  • Course 22: Build Up Good Habits

Key Highlights of What You Will Get When Taking High-income Skills Bundle With Compete High

  • 22 Premium Courses to Transform Your Life and Career
  • 22 FREE PDF Certificates upon successful completion of the courses in the bundle as proof of your newly acquired skills
  • Complete access for life to the comprehensive training materials
  • Get tutor support from Monday to Friday
  • Access to the courses from any device with internet connection like your computer, tablet, or mobile device

With the ever-increasing competition in personal, professional settings both on the national and global level, this High-income Skills Bundle aims at educating, nurturing, and upskilling individuals to stay ahead of the curve — whatever their level of expertise may be. After gathering impeccable responses & positive feedback on different online platforms, we have brought this specialisation to you with only one goal — ensuring jobseekers & up-and-coming professionals upgrade themselves and achieve their career objectives. Add this bundle to your basket and make the best investment of your life right now.


**Premium Bundle** 22 FREE PDF Certificates ** Lifetime Access ** Updated on June 2022 **

Curriculum of the courses in this Bundle

Sales Systems and Management

  • Module 1: Introduction to sales
  • Module 2: Big secrets of sales
  • Module 3: Preparing to WOW the Prospect
  • Module 4: Introducing Yourself
  • Module 5: Cold Calling Secrets
  • Module 6: Making a Great Presentation
  • Module 7: Dealing with Customer Objections
  • Module 8: Closing Techniques
  • Module 9: Connecting Sales and Persistence
  • Module 10: Sales management
  • Module 11: Sales Communications and Exhibitions
  • Module 12: Networking Success by Associations

Project Management

  • Module 1: Understanding the Basics of Project Management
  • Module 2: Initiating the Project
  • Module 3: Planning the Project
  • Module 4: Executing the Project
  • Module 5: Monitoring and Controlling the Project
  • Module 6: Closing the Project

Advanced Digital Marketing & Data

  • Module 1: Programmatic Marketing
  • Module 2: First Party Data and CRM
  • Module 3: Search and Social Media

Search Engine Advertising

  • Module 1: Introduction To SEA

Data Analysis Basics

  • Module: 01: Introduction to Data Analysis its Applications
  • Module: 02: Probability Probability Distributions
  • Module: 03: Decision making and Factors to Account for
  • Module: 04: Data Mining
  • Module: 05: Optimization Situation modelling

Entrepreneurship Masterclass

  • Module 01: Preparing for Startup
  • Module 02: Choose the Best Structure for Your Business
  • Module 03: Name Your Business
  • Module 04: Preparing a Business Plan
  • Module 05: Financing Your Business
  • Module 06: Pick Your Business Location
  • Module 07: Registering and Licensing Your Business
  • Module 08: Laws and Legal Factors
  • Module 09: Insurance and Bank Account for Your Business
  • Module 10: Branding and Marketing

Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Module 01: Know Yourself to Grow Yourself
  • Module 02: How To Determine What You Want
  • Module 03: How to Conquer Your Inner State
  • Module 04: How To Find Your Reason- What is your “Why”
  • Module 05: How To Become A Thought Leader and Create Successful Relationship
  • Module 06: How To Set Up Your Goal
  • Module 07: How To Discover Problems in Search of Solutions
  • Module 08: How To Create a Vision and Learn Creating Affirmations
  • Module 09: How to Calculate Risk Effectively
  • Module 10: Ultimate Experts’ Tips For Entrepreneurial Success
  • Module 11: Emotional Intelligence Skills for Entrepreneurial Success

Business Planning Complete Training

  • Module 1: Executive summary
  • Module 2: Company Overview
  • Module 3: Market Overview
  • Module 4: Market Size
  • Module 5: Target Customers
  • Module 6: Customer Needs
  • Module 7: Direct Competitors
  • Module 8: Indirect Competitors
  • Module 9: Competitive Advantage
  • Module 10: Description of Product or Services Offered
  • Module 11: Pricing of Products & Services

Business Credit

  • Module 1_ Introduction to Business Credit
  • Module 2_ Business Credit Benefits
  • Module 3_ Establishing Your Business Credibility
  • Module 4_ Getting Your Business Credit Reports and Monitoring Business Credit
  • Module 5_ Setting Up Initial Business Credit
  • Module 6_ Obtaining Revolving Credit Card Accounts
  • Module 7_ Getting Approved for Cash Credit
  • Module 8_ Vendors accounts to get you started

Business Management

  • Module 1-Introduction to Business Management
  • Module 2- Operations Management
  • Module 3-Performance Management
  • Module 4-Strategic Analysis and Product Scope
  • Module 5: Business Development and Succession
  • Module 6–Developing Personal Skills
  • Module 7-Business Planning

Operations Management

  • Module 1-Introduction to Operations Management
  • Module 2-Operations Strategy
  • Module 3-Operations Process Design
  • Module 4- Supply Chain Management
  • Module 5: Business Planning
  • Module 6-Performance Management
  • Module 7-Strategic Analysis and Product Scope
  • Module 8: Business Development and Succession

Accounting Masterclass

  • Module 1: Grasping Bookkeeping and Accounting Basics
  • Module 2: Choosing an Accounting Method
  • Module 3: Keeping the Books (Autosaved)
  • Module 4: Tracking Purchases
  • Module 5: Counting Your Sales
  • Module 6– Presenting Financial Condition _ Business Valuation
  • Module 7: Analyzing Financial Statements

Leadership & Management

  • Module 1: Introduction to Leadership
  • Module 2: Inspiration and Leadership
  • Module 3: Setting Goals and Time Management
  • Module 4: Body Language and Effective Communication
  • Module 5: Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
  • Module 6: Business Management_ Corporate Behaviour
  • Module 7: Meeting Management
  • Module 8: Project Management
  • Module 9: Risk Management
  • Module 10: Team Work _ Team Building Course
  • Module 11: Performance Management
  • Module 12: Critical Thinking_ Implications for Leadership

Life Coaching

  • Module 1: Basics of Coaching
  • Module 2: Life Coaching: An Overview
  • Module 3: Developing Your Coaching Skills
  • Module 4: Getting Yourself Right First
  • Module 5: Primary Steps to Starting a Career as a Life Coach
  • Module 6: Self-Management as a Life Coach
  • Module 7: Selling and Marketing Your Life Coaching Business
  • Module 8: Relationship with Clients, Confidentiality and Ethical Standards
  • Module 9: Professional Development and Relationships with other Competitors
  • Module 10: Financing Your Life Coaching Business

Employability: Soft Skills

  • Module 1: Introduction to Self-Improvement
  • Module 2: How to Motivate Yourself
  • Module 3: Grow Assertiveness
  • Module 4: Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Module 5: Improve Your Communication Skills
  • Module 6: Manage Your Time Properly
  • Module 7: Cultivate Growth Mindset
  • Module 8: All about Leadership Skills
  • Module 9: Think Critically and Solve Problem
  • Module 10: Learn Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Module 11: Negotiate Effectively
  • Module 12 -Stress Management
  • Module 13: Being Competent to Decide Yourself
  • Module 14: Influencing and Persuasion Skills
  • Module 15: Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Module 16: Know How to Resolve Conflicts
  • Module 17: Planning and Organizing Skills
  • Module 18: Being Creative and Innovative

Basic IT Skills Training

  • Module 1: Introduction to Computers
  • Module 2: Structure of Computers
  • Module 3: Hardware
  • Module 4: Software and Interface
  • Module 5: Viruses and Computer maintenance
  • Module 6: Internet and IT
  • Module 7: Cyber Security

Microsoft Excel Beginner to Intermediate

  • Module 01-Excel Interface
  • Module-02-Basic Functions
  • Module-03-Working With Worksheet
  • Module-04-Work with Data and Excel tables
  • Module-05-Basic Calculations
  • Module-06-Shortcuts in Excels

Learning How to Learn

  • Unpacking Your Mind
  • The Science of Memory
  • Getting Onboard to Learn
  • Becoming a Competent Learner
  • Smart Brain Exercises
  • Learning through Mind-Mapping
  • Putting Learning into Practice
  • Key Principles and Techniques for Learning

Innovation Masterclass

  • Business Innovation Processes
  • Developing Innovation Mindset
  • Idea Generation & Prototype Design
  • Innovation & Leadership
  • Institutional Innovation
  • Healthcare Innovation
  • Failure of the Innovation

Self Confidence Training Course

  • The Basics of Confidence
  • Common Barriers to Confidence
  • Assessing Your Confidence Level
  • Finding Your Motivation
  • Building Your Confident Self
  • Communicating Your Confidence
  • Confident Decision Making And Problem Solving
  • Demonstrating Confidence in the Workplace

Self Motivation Masterclass

  • Introduction to Motivation
  • The Laws of Motivation
  • Building Self Confidence
  • Setting and Reaching Your Goal
  • Organizing Your Space
  • How to Get Motivated and Take Action
  • How to Stay Motivated for the Long-run
  • Self Motivation Bonus Tips

Build Up Good Habits

  • Understanding Self Journal
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Small but Mighty Changes
  • Cooking and Meal Plan
  • Mind and Body
  • Exercise
Who is this course for?

While we refrain from discouraging anyone wanting to take these courses or impose any sort of restrictions, people meeting any of the following criteria will benefit the most from this High-income Skills Specialisation:

  1. Anyone looking for upgrading their lives and career,
  2. Jobseekers in the hunt for in-demand skills,
  3. Anyone with a ground knowledge/intermediate expertise in any of the skills listed under this bundle,
  4. Anyone looking for some certificates of completion on doing training on the certain topics,
  5. Students or anyone with an academic knowledge gap to bridge on the topics,
  6. Anyone with a general interest/curiosity in any of these skills


After successful completion of the courses in this bundle, learners can ask for PDF certificates of completion for free.


The High-income Skills Bundle including Sales, Digital Marketing, Project Management & IT offered by Compete High has no formal entry requirements. However, to study the courses students must:

  • Have passion for learning
  • Have a good understanding of English, as well as numeracy and IT skills
  • Have a desire for career progression
  • Be over the age of 16

If you meet these criteria, you can start studying the courses in this bundle straight away!

Career path

This bundle smoothens the way up your career ladder with relevant information, skills & certificates of achievement. After successfully completing the courses, you can expect to move significantly closer to achieving your goals — whether it’s securing the job you seek, getting the promotion you deserve, setting up that business of your dreams, or even start a profitable freelancing career.

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